There are many types of "Nude" photography: Glamour Nudes (or "Pin Ups"); Artistic Nudes; Body Form Nudes; and Free Spirt Nudes, to name a few.  There are no hard and fast definitions and the overlap among the different types of Nude photographs is abundant.  Often, a nude shoot will incorporate a number of themes, which involve aspects of many different types of Nudes. 

Included within the Nude subset of photography are "implied" nude and semi-nude photographs.  With implied nude, the nude model is discreetly covered such that the genitalia is not revealed in the final photograph.  The same effect can be obtained through creative angles and use of deep shadows.  Low key shooting is often employed to obtain sufficient shadows to obscure areas of the body which the model does not want to reveal. Similarly, in semi-nude photography, clothing or objects may be utilized to cover the model while giving the suggestion of nudity.  

Glamour Nudes (Pin Ups)

Glamour nudes typically involve seduction themes and often involve enticing clothing.  Bright colors are often utilized to draw and tantalize the viewer's eye, and emphasize the model's curves and sex appeal.  Traditional Pin Ups are similar to Glamour Nudes, except the model's body is covered and a more innocent yet seductive look may be achieved.  More recent trends toward anime and cosplay can be considered modern Pin Ups and allow the model to achieve the same sexy yet innocent look with a fantasy appeal.

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Artistic Nudes

Artistic nudes are the broadest and most hard to define type of nudes.  They can take a number of forms, and may be pure nudes, themed nudes, fine art nudes, or political themed nudes.  Artistic nudes can incorporate and celebrate the human body through dance and yoga, body building, and athletics, or be statuesque and be a form study of the human body.  Artistic nudes can be simple or complex, and full of rich colors or deep back and whites.

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Body Form Nudes

Body form nudes focuses on the beauty of the human body.  With limiting distractions in background and themes, the focus is a non-sexualized study of the human form.  Body Form Nudes may include Implied Nudes to allow the focus to remain on the curves of the body, the muscular system, or the overall human form.

Free Spirit Nudes

Nudes celebrating the individual in nude form is best described as Free Spirit Nudes.  They celebrate the beauty of the model in the nude form in unconventional settings.  Free Spirit Nudes can be taken in controlled studios, beautiful scenic urban settings, or even pedestrian "every day" settings.  Free Spirt nudes are just that...a celebration of the free spirt one feels when embracing their natural state, without inhibitions and without societal restrictions.  

Naturist /  Nudist Photography

Naturist Photography captures the "one with nature" spirit and incorporates nature photography and the natural surroundings with the purse human form. The pure authenticity of a natural nude comes from the complete lack of artificial lighting, props, and backdrops.  The human form does not compete with the natural beauty of the surrounding area; rather, the nude body enhances the natural wonder of mother nature to form a mutually symbiotic image. 

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