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Body Form Nudes

Body Form Nudes capture and celebrate the beautiful human body and form.  With minimal props and clothing, the beauty of the body is the focus of these photographs.  By using neutral backgrounds, these photographs become clean and crisp, forcing the viewer to admire the human body.  Nudity is natural; however, few of us ever stopped to admire that which we see everyday,  Instead, we spend great efforts (and money) to cover up and decorate our own human form.

There is nothing sexual about the human body in its plain unadorned form, yet the nakedness of a human body stirs in many an uncomfortable sense.  By viewing the nude form, one may have sense of intrusion or discomfort, in seeing that which many take great pains to coverup.  Others may look upon the model with a sense of envy, for far too many feel uncomfortable being nude, and being seen nude.   We are programed from an early age to feel shame of what we are, and how we look.  We learn that our bodies are not are own, but must be hidden away due to the dictates and constraints imposed upon us by society.  Body form nudes allows us to seize back some of those programmed feelings of guilt, and once again take control of our bodies without shame.

Our bodies change over time.  The relentless clock on the wall never stops ticking.  Body form nudes capture ourselves, at a given moment in time, never to be had again.      

Vex Vore oiled skin 1
Vex Vore oiled skin 2
Vex Vore oiled skin 3
Vex Vore oiled skin 4

Body form nudes can be taken in a variety of lighting and styling techniques.  Whether in white hi-key with bright pure light (as shown in the photographs at the top of the page), or in dark low key light with deep shadows (directly above and below}. body nude forms can capture mood and emotion while never losing focus on the nude human body.

Black and White Body Nudes

Using black and white photo settings, or a desaturation of color, can add a dimension to the photos which change the texture and impact of the photos.  Below is a sample using a gradient from light natural color, to desaturated colors, to pure black and white.  The tone and texture of the photos changes as color is detracted from the color pallet.

gradient photo series 1
gradient photo series 2
gradient photo series 3
gradient photo series 4

Pregnancy Body Form Nude Photos

The human body is amazing.  Nothing showcases the incredible human body then when a woman is preparing to give birth.  The transformation the body undergoes to bring life to a child is nothing short of beautiful.  Body Nudes are a great way to document the changes your body undergoes, and capture your pure and unadultered body in its natural state.

Pregnancy Nude series 1
Pregnancy Nude series 2
Pregnancy Nude series 3
Pregnancy Nude series 4

Artistic Body Form Nudes

The body is a work of art, and is a perfect format for art.  The possibilities are endless for creating art using the human form.  Whether its using forms of dance, yoga, or athletics, the human form can showcase further art, in and of itself.   The below series shows the model creating herself.  Adding color, detail, contrast, until the background fades away and she separates herself from the background, so she stands alone.   Artistic body form nudes can tell stories about yourself, your ideas and beliefs, or just though provoking images.


Let us help you create your body form photographs, capturing your form to showcase the beauty of your human body.  Our experience is unmatched in developing themes, poses, and lighting for your personal body nude photographs.  Your photographs will sure to be a timeless treasure that your appreciation for will only grown over time.  

At North River Photography, we can help you create artistic photographs that are just at home on a museum wall, an art gallery, or your own home wall.