Photographers Near You

Q. Where are you located? Do I need to travel to you?

North River Photography services the tri-state area.  Our photographers love to travel and shoot in new locations.  We are fully equipped to shoot on location, whether its your home, backyard, neighborhood park, hotel room, or a studio near you.  We regularly conduct photo sessions in towns up and down the Hudson River, New York City, and Long Island.  Although our studio is located in Peekskill, we utilize a number of studios in both NYC and in towns throughout the entire Hudson Valley.  Most importantly, we do not charge for travel.  

Q.  Do you have an outdoor space available for a shoot?

Our photographers have (quite literally) maps full of unique locations throughout the Hudson Valley perfect for the shoot you desire.  If its City landscapes, rooftops, or beautifully old architecture you want to form the backdrop of your photoshoot, we have proven sites perfect for your shoot.  When it comes to more natural settings, nothing beats the beauty of the Hudson Valley.  We know every waterfall, majestic mountain top, or secluded river beach along the Hudson.  We've utilized numerous farms, gardens, and woodlands to create personalized photos, and we hope to be able to do the same for you.

Artistic Photographers

Q. What type of photography sessions do you offer?

More than you see on this website.  There really isn't anything that we don't photograph. We photograph families, events, sports, newborns, fashion, engagements, portrait sessions, boudoir and nudes. and lifestyle work. If you can think of it, we will work with you to photograph it.  We love growing with clients and becoming their forever / for everything photographer. 

Q. How do I know you will shoot the sessions I want?

Our photographers love creativity and working with open-minded individuals, and fulfilling their photographic needs is what we do.  We provide free consultations with all our clients prior to their photoshoot to ensure that your ideas are fully realized and your needs are met.  We will happily answer all your questions so that you know that your photo session will fulfill your wishes and exceed your expectations and desires.

Q. What if I want a shoot when you are closed or on the weekend?

We don't close.  We love night shoots and frequently shoot well past midnight.  If there is a full moon rising, there's a good chance our photographers have a night photo session lined up.  We also work on Saturday and Sundays.  Most people use the weekend for their days of fun and adventure and to get things done, we do too.  Let us capture weekend adventure with a photo shoot.

Q. What if we want a sexier or naughtier boudoir shoot?

Then you will receive great photos of a sexier or naughtier boudoir shoot.  In terms of photography, there is no difference between how you would shoot someone holding roses compared to shooting someone holding a paddle.  We handle all tastes and themes with the same professionalism and dedication to quality as you would expect from a professional photographer.  

Delivery of Photos

Q. How are my photos delivered?

Your photographs will be delivered to you in high megapixel electronic JPEG form, that way there is no need to convert them to electronic form to share with friends and family, or on social media.  We also don't try and upsell you with overpriced photo albums, calendars, mugs, and the like. If you'd like a photo album to sit in the back of your closet, we suggest flicker, snapfish, or amazon.     

Q. How many photographs do I receive?

Many.  A one hour shoot with two to three outfit changes may yield about 40-50 great photos.  Remember, however, the longer it takes to change outfits, the less shooting occurs.  As noted in or TIPS section, we recommend bringing more outfits than you think is necessary.  At the end of they day, most people would prefer 20 great photographs in a large variety of outfits and themes, than 50 photographs of you wearing the same outfit.

Q. Are my photographs private?

Absolutely.  You and you alone will own the copy rights to your photographs and they will never be used or disclosed by North River Photograph.  We cannot stress enough that written consent was obtained for every photograph on this website. We understand the very personal and intimate nature of your portraits.  Of course, we always want you to feel free to share them, and by sharing them you can inspire others to participate in these fun and confidence-boosting sessions, but the decision to do this is all yours and yours alone.  

Q. How long before I receive my photos?

Most photos are delivered within a few days. If there are long multiple shoots in a span of a few days, however, it may take up to seven days.  Even for extended shoots which may require a week to fully process, however, we provide a good sampling of the photos within 48 hours of your shoot.

Q. How long do you store the photographs?

We try to to store photographs indefinitely, but do not guarantee the storage of images once the final gallery is delivered to you. We use multiple hard drives and multiple backups, but recommend that after you download your gallery, you back up your files in case something happens to our servers. Once the final gallery is delivered and you have downloaded it, we remove it from the transfer site. If you need to recover any of your photos, you need only call and we will be happy to resend them to you at no charge.

What does it cost?

Q. What does a session cost?

We charge by the hour, so it depends on what you have in mind.  Our Peekskill studio is included in the price, but to utilize a different studio, those costs are borne by the client.  Luckily, there are a number of inexpensive studios in both the Hudson Valley and New York City, so finding the right studio close to you will not be a problem. 

Q. Do I have to buy my photographs? How much does each photo cost?

At North River Photography, we reject the idea of photographers "selling" you your own photos .  At North River Photography, you pay for our time, experience, skill, and equipment.  We charge a set hourly rate and during the photoshoot, we work for you.  The photos we take during your session belong to you -- if we take 50 great photos, you get 50 great photos.   That does not mean, however that you receive every photograph taken.  Not every photograph is a winner.  We review each and every photograph and quickly parcel out those that don't make the cut (for example: tests shots; those over or underexposed; client is blinking, sneezing, etc.).  From these, we select the "best" of the rest and may perform some light individual photo editing and provide them to you.  We also select a few of our favorites for special attention above and beyond the individual editing. We have the experience needed to provide you with beautiful quality images that will meet your needs. 

Q. Do I need a down payment?

Currently, North River Photography does not require a down payment.  We've been lucky in that we do not receive too many cancellations without prior notice.  A down payment is required, however, for outside studios.  Most of the studios outside of Peekskill that we work with require either an initial payment or a down payment in advance to hold the time open.  While we will make all necessary arrangements with the studio of your choosing, you will remain responsible for the studio fees.

Q. Do you have a payment plan?

No.  Our rates are designed to be affordable for all your occasions.

Q. Do you offer a discount if I agree to allow you to share the photos with potential clients?

Yes.  Being able to show a broad body of work is beneficial to any photographer and a great tool for clients as they search for the right photographer for them.  In exchange for executing a written release, North River Photography offers discounted prices for its photo shoots.  If you're interests, be sure to ask about it when you call.

Rescheduling a Shoot

Q. Can I reschedule a shoot?

Yes.  We understand that life sometimes gets in the way, and that unforeseen circumstances can prevent you from attending a scheduled shoot.  Your shoot will be much more enjoyable when you are feeling rested, stress fee, and at your best.  Although we will work with you to reschedule, we require a days notice, however, so we can reschedule your shoot. If it is down pouring and sideways rain that hinders our outdoor photo session, we can also reschedule-- or take really cool and interesting rain photos.  If your shoot is scheduled for another studio, there may be cancellation fees in accordance with the policies of the outside studio.

Arrival at the Shoot

Q. When should I arrive at my shoot?

Early.  Please plan enough time to get to your session and be ready to go when the session begins.  Be sure to anticipate potential delays, whether that entails getting the kids ready or navigating through rush hour traffic, If you are running late, please call us. We respect every single client's time and put an incredible amount of effort into scheduling and planning a session, so please respect ours. If you have a 60 minute session scheduled and you are 20 minutes late, you will then only have a 40 minute session. Our photographers get there early, and for outdoor shoots, unload and set up their equipment and scout the area to determine the best angles and compositions, and will be ready to shoot as soon as the session is scheduled to begin.  Arriving early also allows you and the photographer to have final discussions about the themes of the shoot and tips and tricks to help you obtain the photos you want.

Q. Does you studio have an area for pre-shoot makeup and hair?

Yes.  Our studio in Peekskill has a large preparation area where you can have your hair and makeup done prior to your photoshoot.  Please let us know if you require the use of the area, so that we schedule your shoot to accommodate your needs.

Q. Can I bring someone to my shoot?

Yes.  You are free to bring whoever you like to any photo session.  They are free to sit in our waiting area, or join us in the studio. 

Q. Can I bring my dog or pet to the shoot?

Absolutely,  We encourage you to bring whomever (or whatever) which will make your shoot more fun.  Be forewarned, however, that you will probably be encouraged to have some shots with with your dog or pet.  We encourage people to include their pets in their family photos, and would likely take some formal portraits of your beloved pet as well.  As pets have little patience, however, we recommend having a friend accompany you to keep your pet busy when they are not in the shot, 


Q. I don't know how to pose, will you help?

Absolutely.  There are many "tricks of the trade" to ensure you look you best. Our experience behind the camera allows us to determine the best poses and camera angles to capture your radiance.  We will guide you throughout the process to ensure that you look your best and the photograph captures your best look.  See the links below for further posing tips.

Q. Do you offer hair and makeup?

No, but we can recommend a number of affordable and talented hair and makeup artists we have worked with over the years.  You are responsible for arranging for these services should you so desire.

Q. Do I have to bring my own outfits or lingerie?

Yes; however, we do offer many shear outfits and fabrics, elegant gloves, and props.  We will cover the elements necessary for a successful shoot during our pre-shoot discussions.

Q. Do I need stylish fashions?

No, unless its a fashion shoot.  In fact, the photographs will look fresh and new for a lot longer if you stick with the basic primary colors: red, white, black, and blue.  They never go out of style, and will be popular 50 years from now. Similarly, solid colors have a longer staying power than prints.  A red dress will look just as fashionable in the future as it does today.  The most timeless photos, of course, are nudes, where only the hairstyle can indicate when the photograph was taken.  For further information on the timelessness of nudes and boudoir photographs, see the link below.

Q. Why should I have a boudoir or nude photo shoot?

Boudoir and nude photographs are extraordinary, empowering, and are a journey unlike any other photograph experience.  Although the question can only be answered by you, we offer the following link to our Why Nudes? page which may provide helpful information and allow you to really consider celebrating your life, your body, your loved one, and your journey, with a boudoir or nude shoot.


Follow the Links below to find some Tips and Tricks for making your photoshoot a success and your photographs the best they can be.