Lingerie Fashion 

The popularity of lingerie varies from person to person. Some people wear lingerie to feel confident and sexy, while others wear it for special occasions or to add a touch of romance to their intimate relationships. Lingerie can also be worn for comfort and support.  Many designers specifically craft their lingerie and undergarments to provide the right amount of lift and coverage. Ultimately, the purpose of lingerie is to make the wearer feel good about themselves and to enhance their personal sense of style and sensuality.

The best way to showcase lingerie is to ensure that the person wearing it feels comfortable, confident, and empowered. When it comes to presenting lingerie in the fashion industry, it is important to know the goals of the designer, show producer or model in the use of the photographs, so that the photographer can capture the setting, the model, and the designs to fit the purpose of the photographs.  In a personal or intimate setting for private clients, it is essential for the photographer to set the relaxed and /or romantic atmosphere to help the model feel at ease.  Showcasing lingerie should always emphasize the beauty and individuality of the person wearing it, rather than focusing solely on the garment itself.

red bra and panties runway
cheeky behind runway model

Lingerie Runway Show

Most people are used to buying bra, panties, and underwear from catalog photographs in print, advertisements, and online.  Lingerie fashion, however, is much more than typical underwear, and the marketing and product placement for designers begin with the showcase.  The most popular (currently) showcase for new designs is the fashion runway show.  Pop-ups, however, are making inroads for less established fashion houses to reach their buyers.  

At North River Photography, we specialize in all aspects of the New York fashion world, from popups to full shows, and are well equipped to assist you in your fashion photography needs..

strawberry panties model
see through bodysuit photography
black thong runway show
black bodysuit NYFW